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Women in architecture

It remains to be seen whether the future really is feminine…

The German Architecture Museum shows 100 years of women in architecture. Indeed, although far more than half of all students in architecture faculties are now women, it is certainly not the case that they all really get a foothold in the profession and only very few manage to make the leap into the top ranks — there architecture is still a man’s world.

FRAU ARCHITEKT elucidates the topic in 22 portraits, project examples and very personal stories of women in Germany who have significantly influenced architecture or are currently shaping it. The exhibition begins with Emilie Winkelmann, who founded the first architecture studio in Germany in 1907, and ends with post-Reunification architecture in Berlin and the new Federal states. Some of the women architects are barely known or indeed entirely unknown even among professionals, let alone the wider public. The exhibition, together with a comprehensive supporting program, aims to shine a light on women in architecture, to bring them out of anonymity and men’s shadow and to give as many of them as possible a face and a voice.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Photography courtesy of DAM – FRAU ARCHITEKT: Ingeborg Kuhler – Mitarbeiterinnen im Buero: Ruth Jureczek, Irene Keil / Photography: Marina Auder # Almut Gruetuch-Ernst (Gruetuch Ernst Architekten) / Photography: Edgar Rodtmann

Exhibition form 25.09.2017 – 08.03.2018