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Porsche unveiles new concept dealership

The brand new Porsche Center in California shows the new design direction for Porsche dealerships world-wide.

Welcoming and experiential

Porsche is launching a new corporate architecture for its Porsche Centres worldwide. Following the tagline “Destination Porsche,” dealerships are intended to become a central gathering place for the Porsche community, appealing to current as well as new customers. The new architecture is characterized by its flexibility, its use of digital media for individualized communication, and its emphasis on brand experience.

Prototype opens in California

The first prototype of the new concept has celebrated its Grand Opening in Palm Springs, California. The dealership was constructed within one year and shows the way for future changes within the framework of “Destination Porsche.” The complete concept can be experienced by mid-2020 in two Porsche Centres that are underway in Dortmund and in Hangzhou, China.

For BRAND ARCHITECTURE INSTITUTE, the new initiative of future retail design will be a new and exiting challenge – to implement the new concept on retail level in the Porsche Central and Easter European Markets as PCEE Regional Architect.

Images and text: Courtesy of Porsche Newsroom